Cape Byron Whisky Club

For the past 3 years, we have been patiently distilling & aging Single Malt Whisky in our rainforest distillery in the hinterland of Byron Bay. 

We invite you to join our Whisky Club for exclusive access to the first release of our Cape Byron Single Malt Whisky. 


From grain to glass

Our whisky is inspired by traditional styles of Scottish whisky, melding the traditions and lore of Scotland, with the innovation of new world techniques and the unique environment that the Northern Rivers has to offer. We craft our new-make spirit (to become Whisky) using malted barley and nutrient-rich spring water from the base of Mount Warning. We enlisted our great friends, and masters of brewing Stone & Wood, to help develop and create our wash.



Our whisky is slowly double distilled in our 2,000 litres copper pot still named George, after the distiller Eddie’s grandfather. George is a traditional Scottish pot still, custom-made and designed with whisky in mind. Once the wash has been distilled through twice, the middle cut or ‘heart’ of the run is then put into barrels.



Our new-make spirit will spend the better part of its life resting in ex-American oak barrels previously holding American Whisky. The whisky will age, breathing the same air we breathe. It is the air and unique environment of the hinterland of Byron Bay; where the rainforest meets the sea, where salt lashings meet the humid air of the subtropical rainforest.

Eddie ~ “Our new spirit (Whisky) will age right here on our family farm. Amongst the macadamias and rainforest, our whisky will breath and experience the subtropical conditions found only here in the hinterland of Byron Bay. Our lush environment will offer a truly unique flavour profile.”

Let time weaves its magic…



Jim McEwan has a tremendous wealth of experience with over 55 years in the distilling industry, winning countless awards and accolades. Jim is the only distiller in the world to win Master Distiller of The Year 3 times and in 2014, was given a Hall of Fame Lifetime Achievement Award. A true legend and Master of his craft. If you would like to know more about Jim, he has recently featured in a Scotch Whisky movie, Scotch: The Golden Dram, which is premiering at the Glasgow Film Festival 2019.

Jim ~ “Upon realising the huge success of our gins and Macadamia liqueur from Cape Byron Distillery, it seemed simply logical for us to bring my years of experience from Islay, Scotland to Byron Bay. Together with my passion & experience in distilling highly acclaimed whiskies, and the Brook family’s knowledge of native botanicals and passion for innovation and quality spirits, we have achieved something that we are all truly delighted with. After 55 years of distillation, here I am, still excited and creating a brand-new whisky that I can simply describe as outstanding and absolutely incomparable.”