Brookie's Byron Slow Passion Gin


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We’re passionate about the rainforest in our backyard and the incredible native ingredients that grow here in the Northern Rivers, including the Davidson Plum.  What better way to add a touch more passion to our signature Davidson Plum Slow Gin, than to steep in locally sourced passion fruit and let time weave its magic.

Bright and tangy, expect flavours of plum & passion fruit, raspberry, and citrus.

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Fun facts about Brookie's Byron Slow Passion Gin

• Made from the Davidsonia Plum & Passion Fruit
• Davidson Plums are indigenous to the Northern Rivers and are packed with an array of vitamins & minerals, it is a true “bushfood” delicacy
• Davidson Plums & Passion Fruit are steeped in Brookie’s Byron Dry Gin and macerated for several months
• Blended with Mount Warning spring water and bottled at 26% ABV
• Expect flavours of Plum & Passion Fruit, Raspberry, and Citrus