At Cape Byron Distillery, sustainability goes further than our distillery, its about constantly evolving to meet the needs of our changing planet and creating innovative solutions to support sustained growth for future GIN-erations.


Packaging & Waste

Cape Byron Distillery is focused on finding innovative packaging and waste solutions to reduce our impact on the environment.

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Our commitment to sustainability is woven into every aspect of Brookie’s gin production.

Inspired by the rainforest, with over 40,000 rainforest trees planted on our property, our gin is distilled from 25 botanicals, many of which are sourced directly from the rainforest.

Brookie's Bottles - Over 95% of our bottles and packaging is recyclable. To minimise our environmental footprint, our labels are printed on bagasse, recycled sugar cane paper.

Our bottles feature a wooden stopper and natural cork. Each bottle tells the anatomy of our gin, sealed with 100% recyclable foil.

Furthermore, we utilise FSC quality cardboard packaging to safely deliver your gin, ensuring a sustainable choice for both you and the environment.

Gin botanicals - The organic matter from our gin distillation including all of the spent botanicals is composted on-site.

Family Farm & Community

Our Family farm stretching 95 acres of regenerated rainforest is the central core and beating heart of our products.

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The Brook family's journey began over three decades ago when they purchased a 95-acre property that was once a run-down dairy farm overrun with invasive species.

Through their dedication, they've transformed it into a thriving ecosystem, planting over 40,000 rainforest trees and 4,000 macadamia trees.

Today, it stands as a testament to their commitment to environmental stewardship, providing a habitat for native wildlife and fostering community resilience.

The Big Scrub Conservancy is an organisation that we actively support, they help save from extinction Australia’s critically endangered lowland subtropical rainforest and its many threatened species.

Wild BnB is another initiative that we support on the family farm. Wild Bnb designs, installs and monitors hollow habitat. Focusing on threatened species, Wild BnB works with the community to establish habitat in natural, agricultural and urban environments.

Production & Distillation

The very soul of our products is cultivated on the farm

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We are constantly striving to improve our efficiencies to reduce our energy usage, emissions and overall environmental impact. We are looking to close the loop on waste management.

Water 💧

We harvest rainwater directly from our roof for use throughout the distillery and farm.

Energy ⚡️

While we undersatnd production is energy intensive, we are constantly striving for efficiencies and innovation.
One innovation is our heat recovery system throughout distillation.

Waste ♻️

Organic matter is composted on the farm including all botanicals from our gin production and the cellar door.

We are pioneers in treating our whisky waste. Whisky production waste is treated onsite in our Biogill technology. the whisky waste is treated and broken down into liquid fertiliser which is then distributed throughout the farm and reducing the impact of disposing our waste.


We aim to be a lighthouse and leading force for the distilling industry in Australia.

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We have big plans for sustainability. As a B Corp certified company, we are committed to continuous improvement and accountability.

Solar ☀️

We are looking to install solar system for our energy use and generating power for the energy provider.

We are currently working towards establishing our Net Zero strategy and improving our impact and carbon footprint measures.