Attention whisky enthusiasts, the moment you've been waiting for is almost here – Mac. Liqueur Cask Whisky is on the brink of release, and it's poised to revolutionise your whisky collection.

 At the heart of Mac. Liqueur Cask Whisky lies our signature Mac. Liqueur, a blend infused with  flavours of roasted macadamia, wattle-seed, and decadent chocolate. But that's just the beginning. This blend is then aged in ex-bourbon casks, previously holding bourbons from esteemed distilleries like Heaven Hill and Buffalo Trace.

Out of that we get a liqueur called Barrel Aged Mac., if you've tried it its exceptional, extra lashings of toasted coconut and vanilla characters.

Our journey doesn't end with Barrel Aged Mac. Liqueur. We take it a step further by using these seasoned casks to finish our mature single malt whisky. Maturing it in Cape Byron Single Malt Whisky casks for over 8 months, the result is nothing short of spectacular.


The result?


A small batch of only 550 bottles, and probably our most approachable
whisky to date.

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