Brookie's Barrel Aged Mac. Liqueur


195 available

Barrel Aged Mac. has allowed us to continue exploring ways to amplify native flavours as well as create the connection between our existing range and our ongoing whisky journey.

We began to wonder what would happen if we laid Mac. Liqueur to rest in an ex-bourbon cask and many months later we can reveal that the result is a mature and rich variation of everyone’s favourite macadamia liqueur, for all you darker, more complex flavour- lovers. The spirit is bursting with flavours of luxurious crème brûlée, rich caramel, macadamia fusion with a cacao, coffee and that quintessential vanilla oak finish.

ABV 30%


Fun facts about Brookie's Barrel Aged Mac. Liqueur

This Mac. seasoned barrel will continue its life as a finishing cask for our whisky. There are only two Mac.- seasoned barrels set to finish our whisky in and we expect a complex, rich, lightly spiced yet still tropical spirit. We are encouraging our whisky lovers to cellar a bottle of Barrel Aged Mac. while we patiently await this small-batch whisky so that you can then compare the two spirits and taste the journey of the cask. But for those who cannot wait, simply enjoy this luscious spirit over ice.