Here at Brookie’s we’re passionate about making delicious gin sourced from native and locally grown ingredients. In fact, we like to think that all of our products are imbued with a special kind of passion. A passion for making your taste buds come alive and tap dance all the way across your palate. A passion for the rainforest, a passion for native flavours, and a passion for supporting local businesses.

So imagine our delight when, one particularly sunny afternoon last winter, one of our passionate distillers Pablo, had a moment of pure passion and brilliance when he dropped some fresh Terania creek passion fruit into some of our Brookie’s Slow Gin, and our latest limited release was first conceived. Affectionately known as Pablo’s Passion around the distillery, our latest limited release is Brookie’s Slow Passion Gin!

A three-step process

We use our award-winning Brookie’s Slow Gin as the base for Brookie’s Slow Passion. So think of the whole process as a three-step dance routine.

The first step is distilling our (also) award-winning Brookie’s Dry Gin, which is flavoured with botanicals from the heart of our rainforest. Step two involves macerating Davidson plums (an indigenous rainforest plum) on top of Brookie’s Dry Gin. Close your eyes and just imagine a few hundred kilos of bright red plums floating around in an IBC (a.k.a spa bath) full of gin for several months!

Once we’re happy with the flavour development (we look for bright, juicy, plum, rose and watermelon characteristics) we begin our third step—a secondary maceration. We ramp up the passion (sorry) and dump a few hundred kilos of Terania Creek passion fruits, skins and all, on the matured Brookie’s Slow Gin and let it mature for a few more months. We use the sweetheart variety of passion fruit; a locally grown, juicy, purple passion fruit from our friends Tom and Kylie at Terania Creek Passionfruits.

The result is Brookie’s Slow Passion Gin. A limited release over 12 months in the making. A lot can happen in twelve months, and a lot has happened since that moment of gentle genius when Pablo’s Passion (the liquid version) was first being sipped, and we are just so excited to be able to share this, our latest, tasty release with you all.

The result

Bottled at 26% ABV and made with 100% natural ingredients. It’s bright, it’s bold, it’s lively! We kind of think it's like riding a bucking bronco through the rainforest, in your mouth (not that we’ve ever done that…). Expect the bright, juicy qualities you’ve come to love in our Brookie’s Slow Gin with an extra layer of passion—the flavour romance between sweetness and tang that only passionfruit can bring. Brookie’s Slow Passion is brimming with bright and tangy flavours of plum, passionfruit, raspberry and citrus.

A focus on community

We’re also feeling pretty chuffed because Brookie’s Slow Passion Gin provides a great opportunity to continue to work with and support our wonderful local producers and local businesses in the Northern Rivers, and to continue to innovate with the bright and lively flavours we have in the Northern Rivers, and be able to share them with you!

You’ve got to get in quick though, we've already sold out online of this juicy duo of plum and passion fruit!

However, it is still available in our Byron Bay Cellar Door where you can also enjoy a delicious 'Sugar Glider' cocktail featuring Slow Passion. $5 from each 'Sugar Glider' sold is donated to Byron Bay Wildlife Hospital, a charity that provides urgent care to threatened and injured Australian animals.

Only available while stock lasts!

To all those cocktail enthusiasts who would like to become their own bartenders at home, you can find all our tasty cocktail recipes using Brookie’s Byron Slow Passion Gin here.