Jim McEwan

Aromatics & Flavours



“The spirit opens on a captivating combination of Citrus notes, led by Aniseed and Cinnamon Myrtle in harmony with a lively drift of Finger and Blood Limes that awakens and stimulates the olfactory system which rejoices in the purity of their aromas. But be patient, that is just the start of an aromatic odyssey. Juniper berries pop like champagne bubbles lifting the senses to a place they have never been. With a little time and aeration Juniper and Coriander enter the scene bringing the depth and distinction that one expects from a high quality Gin. As the spirit evolves further, the taste receptors are going crazy with anticipation, but they will have to wait as White Aspen and Riberry join the party. Add a little Lily Pilly and Dorrigo Pepper leaf and now you're getting there. It’s an incredible beguiling ground breaking aromatic exploration.”



“All the above are a precursor for what you are about to experience on the palate. A brilliant combination of Licorice, Aniseed and Wild Ginger captivate and totally seduce the palate, which is not complaining, it’s totally captivated. However after some 15 minutes of sipping a brilliant beguiling flavour of native Raspberries dusted with Macadamias emerged bringing a fabulous contrast to the above. What an adventure, in many ways, a journey back in time to the rainforest where most of the ingredients and not all are mentioned above, have been harvested by the Brook family who have pledged their lives to its regeneration.”

“This is without doubt the most natural Gin in the world, let yourself be transported to that amazing place, enjoy the enlightenment.”