Cape Byron Distillery


  • From Pablo’s Passion to Slow Passion Gin

    Here at Brookie’s we’re passionate about making delicious gin sourced from native and locally grown ingredients. In fact, we like to think that all of our products are imbued with a special kind of passion. A passion for making your taste buds come alive and tap dance all the way across your palate. A passion for the rainforest, a passion for native flavours, and a passion for supporting local businesses.
  • Brookie’s Slow Passion ~ Limited Edition Gin

    We're excited to launch a unique Passion Fruit edition of our signature Brookie’s Byron Slow Gin. Brookie’s Slow Passion Gin is a delicious and innovative sipper created over several months from macerating the indigenous Davidson plums & locally sourced passion fruit in Brookie’s Dry Gin, a slow process that takes over 12 months in the making. A very limited and unique release with bright and tangy flavours of plum, passion fruit, raspberry, and citrus. This unique Gin is perfectly balanced and inspired by Northern Rivers local produce.
  • World Piña Colada Day w/ Peanut Butter

    Piña Colada, the cocktail that whisks you away to memories of holidays. Looking to celebrate World Piña Colada Day held on this Saturday, the 10th of July? Of course, you are! Because no matter where you are in the world there is something about a Piña Colada that whisks you away to memories of basking in the sun poolside, the smell of sunscreen on your skin, and a carefree day of sweet, sweet nothing ahead of you.
  • A toast to World Environment Day

    We’re excited to celebrate World Environment Day June 5, coinciding with World Moonshine Day, by donating $15,000 to Stone & Wood’s inGrained Foundation – a national not-for-profit also based in the Northern Rivers, who support grassroots, environmental and social charities in the local areas where we work and live. Sustainability and regeneration efforts are in our DNA. Supporting local community regeneration is at the core of what we do, so making this peculiar ‘beer spirit’ with Stone & Wood Brewing Company was a no-brainer.
  • The Pink Pam ~ A Brookie’s and Stone & Wood Collaboration

    We've joined forces with Stone & Wood to ensure that on Mother’s Day 2021, you’re going to be the favourite child. Delivered in a picture-perfect box, Stone & Wood’s The Gatherer sits lovingly aside Brookie’s Slow Gin, patiently poised for Mother’s Day and the pouring of The Pink Pam cocktail. Exceptional for sharing and easily made, The Pink Pam is a thing of beauty. With a blush hue, flower garnish, and served in Brookie’s glass jars, it’s the ideal refreshment to mark a special occasion.