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Brookie's Slow Gin & The Davidson's Plums

Planting & the plums' health benefits ?

If you’ve ever had the chance to enjoy a nip of Brookie’s Slow Gin, you will perhaps know that it is crafted by first distilling our Brookie’s Byron Dry Gin and then allowing this to rest with hundreds of kilos of Davidson’s Plums. The maceration process varies depending on the time of year the batch is laid to rest and can average 300+ days from start to finish, providing us with one very ironically named gin.

One variety of the Davidson Plum that we use in our Slow Gin is the Davidsonia Jerseyana which is endemic to the Northern Rivers region and is often called the Mullumbimby plum by the locals and has been utilised and enjoyed by the indigenous people of the area for thousands of years. Whilst the Jerseyana is endangered in the wild, there are thankfully a handful of local legends that have taken to cultivating this unique species and they have become an integral part of the production of our Brookie’s Slow Gin. Since the Gin’s release, Cape Byron Distillery has become one of the largest consumers of Davidson’s Plums, hence the decision to further regenerate the land surrounding our distillery by planting young Davidson’s Plum trees on the last remaining empty plot of land. Under the watchful eye of George from Eco Rainforest Restorations, the team recently planted over 1,000 saplings.

The trees, unlike many other fruit trees, resemble something you might find in a Dr. Zeus book with a tall, umbrella-like appearance and spikey leaves, they can reach up to 10 meters tall in the right conditions and will produce fruit after 3-4 years in grape-like clusters up and down the tree trunk.

Whilst the fruit can be superficially hard to distinguish from its European counterpart, one bite into these little gems will set the story straight. The dark purple skin has an earthy like aroma, much like a beetroot and a savoury, tannic flavour while the bright pink flesh itself is sharp, zesty, and has a slight bitterness to it. Or as our cellar door staff like to say, “It is like eating a sour warhead lolly then getting a firm slap to the face”.

If this doesn’t leave your mouth watering, perhaps the health benefits will. The fruit is jam-packed with powerful bio-active phytonutrients, Quercetin, and high levels of antioxidants, as well as vitamin E, lutein, folate, zinc, magnesium, and calcium. Bio-what? Basically, this means that a Davidson Plum offers benefits such as:

  • Decreased dark circles and pigmentation
  • More vitamin C than an orange (over 100x)
  • Cell oxygenation reduction and rejuvenation
  • Increased collagen production
  • More antioxidants than blueberries
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Relieves allergic symptoms

Before you rush out and start shaking plum trees and prepare yourself for the tannic taste bud adventure, remember that our Slow Gin is a combination of our signature Byron Dry gin, which already captures 17 other local botanicals and hundreds of kilos of Davidson Plums. We set about capturing the taste sensation of this incredible fruit in a balanced spirit. When our Slow Gin has matured and ready for consuming it has notes of rose, watermelon, and bright plum. Brookie’s Slow Gin is available online and through most independent bottle shops, see our where to buy tab if you’d like to pick up a bottle in your local area!

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