Cape Byron Distillery

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  • The Birth of a New Spirit

    We are thrilled to announce the exciting next chapter of Cape Byron Distillery ~ the Wonderful World of Whisky! Our Co-Founder & Master Distiller Jim McEwan was recently at the distillery in Byron Bay to launch our journey into distilling whisky along with Eddie Brook, Co-Founder & Distiller and turned a dream into a reality with the birth of a new spirit.
  • The Biggest Unsung Hero of Gin

    How important is water in Gin? Water is the biggest ingredient in the process of making Brookie’s Gin. Get ready for a mind-boggling fact! In every bottle of our Brookie’s Byron Dry Gin that we produce, over 50% of this is water (that goes for all other spirits as well). So, with that said, you are probably getting an idea about how special water is to us, and how much it can influence the flavour and character of a Gin.
  • The Pass Sunset Sesh

    It feels like yesterday we opened our distillery to the public and shared a few Brookie's Gin with friends! Oh how time goes fast! To punctuate our 2nd anniversary, the Cellar Door team & friends celebrated in style with a surf, Brookie's & Bucha cocktails and Stone & Wood beers at the Pass. I know, sounds horrible!