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  • The Sugar Glider w/ Byron Bay Wildlife Hospital

    The Sugar Glider cocktail has delicious summery-citrus flavours including Davidson’s plum, pineapple and passion fruit. We're donating $5 from the purchase of every Sugar Glider cocktail to Byron Bay Wildlife Hospital to help them treat injured, traumatised and diseased wildlife. Available exclusively at our cellar door in Byron Bay, could there be a better way to help save wildlife than by enjoying a delicious Sugar Glider cocktail overlooking the beautiful regenerated rainforest? Cheers to that!
  • Brookie’s Byron Slow GinJam

    I’ve got really fond childhood memories of jam. As a kid, the jam sandwich was always up there with the best of Australian culinary art. Up there with meat pies and fairy bread or some vegemite on wonder white… I’ve got visions of Mum’s freshly made jam sandwiches after an afternoon game of street cricket. Jam on toast before my last-minute morning dash to the bus stop, jam on toast with three bites out of it looking like the Olympic torch getting carried high in front of me, guiding me to the bus stop with the sound of school shoes beating on the cul-de-sac asphalt, and books almost falling out of my backpack.
  • From Pablo’s Passion to Slow Passion Gin

    Here at Brookie’s we’re passionate about making delicious gin sourced from native and locally grown ingredients. In fact, we like to think that all of our products are imbued with a special kind of passion. A passion for making your taste buds come alive and tap dance all the way across your palate. A passion for the rainforest, a passion for native flavours, and a passion for supporting local businesses.
  • Brookie’s Slow Passion ~ Limited Edition Gin

    We're excited to launch a unique Passion Fruit edition of our signature Brookie’s Byron Slow Gin. Brookie’s Slow Passion Gin is a delicious and innovative sipper created over several months from macerating the indigenous Davidson plums & locally sourced passion fruit in Brookie’s Dry Gin, a slow process that takes over 12 months in the making. A very limited and unique release with bright and tangy flavours of plum, passion fruit, raspberry, and citrus. This unique Gin is perfectly balanced and inspired by Northern Rivers local produce.
  • World Piña Colada Day w/ Peanut Butter

    Piña Colada, the cocktail that whisks you away to memories of holidays. Looking to celebrate World Piña Colada Day held on this Saturday, the 10th of July? Of course, you are! Because no matter where you are in the world there is something about a Piña Colada that whisks you away to memories of basking in the sun poolside, the smell of sunscreen on your skin, and a carefree day of sweet, sweet nothing ahead of you.